Surge Analysis

Our core business: Surge Analysis

In piping systems, any change to steady flow conditions leads to dynamic pressure variations. These pressure surges have to be considered during the planning and for the safe operation of the plant or pipeline. Typical causes of these transient conditions are for example:
  • Start-up or shut-down of one or more pumps
  • Switching between pumps in operation
  • Change of valve positions (opening, throttling or emergency closing)
  • Emergency loss of power for one or more pumps
  • Incorrect plant operation

The effects of such pressure surges have to be kept within the allowable minimum or maximum pressure limits of the piping system.

For aboveground piping systems, the time-related dynamic forces caused by the pressure surges are also computed. These values are then used in a time-history or direct-integration analysis of the system to compute maximum stresses and loads on piping components and pipe supports.